Man cannot live on naan alone

We adore Indian food. When I say adore, we’re talking sell-your-kid-to-the-circus-to-have-it kind of adore. Our boys love naan, an Indian flat bread which often becomes a meal in itself. Deborah B. (sweet friend) of Deb’s Perfect Bite shared this recipe with me. Can I just tell you, it’s truly amazing. The It is good and hot and buttery. I love it enough to make it for my boys-who-belong-in-the-circus. I hope you do as well. You can read more of Deb’s Perfect Bite here:  Continue reading »

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Thanks, Washington Post!

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of meeting Nevin Martell, food writer for the Washington Post. What a guy! Read more here:

Red Apron Organic: Flour power

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A Blackberry Bundt

I typically don’t buy blackberries in November, but a friend gave me two pints. They were gorgeous and delicious. After the boys and I ate a handful, I decided to try my hand at a chocolate bundt cake. It’s always fun to have an excuse to try something new. My excuse was a dinner date with friends. I found this amazing recipe and tweaked it a bit. Hope you find it equally enjoyable.

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Ooooatmeal bars

My friend Angie shared this recipe on a day when the gray clouds and rainy weather begged for  a day of baking. I decided that dried cherries and chocolate chips were a must as add ins. My taste testers ate the pan in less than a day!

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The Great Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread

How do you know it’s fall? Pumpkin becomes part of your culinary repertoire. From pies to coffee-even soups, no food is safe from that orange squash. And that is a glorious thing! We have found there is nothing better than a slice of pumpkin chocolate chip bread on a crisp autumn morning.

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My favorite Pizza Crust

I have tried many a crust recipe. This one makes my favorite texture, crunch, crust. Please consider adding this recipe to your homemade crust repertoire. Sometimes I substitute a little rye flour in addition to the whole wheat. I like to mix and match my flours for a deeper, decadent-more delicious crust. Continue reading »

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Ole, Tortillas!

Making homemade tortillas was something that seemed a little daunting for this flour girl. Why, you may ask….especially once you see the following recipe. Now where is that margarita?

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Just Peachy!

Summer means fresh fruits and vegetables, picking your own and figuring out how to make a meal from your delicious bounty. Peach pie is perfect, but peach bread is This is a delicious and nutritious(?) treat for breakfast or snack. Hope you enjoy. Before you can all those peaches you picked, consider making this… Continue reading »

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Toffee Bark

With the holidays quickly approaching, I want to share a recipe that is tried and true and was the belle of the ball at the local Farmer’s Market. This is made with our whole wheat flour and makes the perfect dessert, hostess gift, cookie exchange-you name it. Wrap it in a cellophane bag or if you are like me-a vintage jar, and you have a beautiful, simple token of affection.

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Apple of my eye Whole Wheat Apple Chocolate Chip Bread

SO  I have this friend Evie. She has 5 girls. I have 4 boys. When we get together, we are a force to be reckoned with. Recently we took a field trip to an apple orchard. Seemed innocent enough. A gorgeous day to enjoy the fleeting warm temperatures before fall fully set in. We armed our brood with bags to fill with their pickings. Little did we know that this little field trip was going to nearly bankrupt us. Ok. Not literally, but boy were we surprised when all was said (and weighed) and done. What started out as whimsical day at the orchard turned into a lesson of resourcefulness. We will be eating apples for months to come thanks to the freezer and of course the following delicious recipe. Hope you enjoy. Next time we visit the orchard, we will bring along a scale to weigh the apples as we go.

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